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The trustees have the role of Company Directors and are responsible for the Governance of the Society. Collectively they bring professional experience from the Royal and Merchant Navy, the fishing industry, national health service, architecture, banking, social services, accountancy and law. There are 12 trustees and they meet every quarter.

Mission and Governing Body


To enable the children of seafarers to reach their true potential and not be further disadvantaged because of the financial situation within the family

Girl on swingPatron - HRH The Princess Royal GCVO

President - The Right Hon. The Earl of Halifax

Board of Trustees

Chairman - Tim Hennessey

Vice Chairman - Christopher Towne

Gregory Medici

Deborah Rosenberg

John Warburton

William Hairsine, RN

Martin Needler

Julie Abraham

Michael Beckett

Donna Blank

Mark Campey

Mark Mcfie-Sneddon

Holding Hands
The actions of the Charity are defined by the terms of the Memorandum & Articles first drafted in 1919 and last revised on 4th August 2005. Click here to download a copy.

Every year, the Trustees approve and sign off the Society’s Annual Report and Financial Statements which by law have to be submitted to Companies House and the Charity Commission once they have been adopted at the Society’s Annual General Meeting usually held in August.

Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements – Year Ending 31st March 2017

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190 Years Of Care

The history of the Society dates back to 1821 and in 2011 we celebrated 190 years of supporting seafarers’ children.

1821 - A meeting convened by public advertisement in the Boy’s school room to organise a Society, the designation of which was to be “Port of Hull Society for the Religious Instruction to Seamen”.
The floating chapel “Valiant” opened for worship in the Humber Dock.
1837 - Sailors’ Orphan Institute was established in Waterhouse Lane for clothing and educating children of deceased seamen and rivermen.
1867 - First orphan house opened in Castle Row. Society purchased Thanet House in Park Street for £4,500 to accommodate 100 orphans.
1868 - First Royal Patronage – HRH Rear Admiral, the Duke of Edinburgh.
1892 - Six Acres purchased at Newland on which to erect a model village.
1897 - School opened for primary level to teach the Society’s children.
1914 - First children of Royal Navy casualties received into the Society’s care.
1919 - Society incorporated under the Companies Act.
1936 - The inaugural meeting of the Old Scholars Association.
1956 - Beginning of subsidisation of children in their own homes.
1983 - Introduction of halfway houses for adolescents.
1993 - Redirected work at Newland to the residential care of abused children in conjunction with local authorities.
2003 - Last child leaves Newland and focus is entirely on helping children in their own homes.
2009 - Newland Estate is sold for student accommodation
2011 - Society changes its names to Sailors’ Children’s Society in the presence of Patron HRH Princess Royal on board HQS Wellington moored on the Thames embankment.

190th Celebrations begin with a re-enactment of the first public meeting held on 18th April 1821. A book is written by June Clough.

Man with two children


The Old Scholars Association was set up to provide focus for those brought up at Newland. There is a Newland Homes facebook page for anyone interested in getting in touch. For all enquiries for information relating to ex-residents or family history, please click on the link for the Hull History Centre who hold our historical records or the Yorkshire Film Archive which house our film records.

If you wish to purchase the 190th book written by June Clough or purchase a Newland Estate map, please make enquiries through




Call: 01482 342331

Fax: 01482 447868

Write to: Francis Reckitt House, Newland, Cottingham Road, Hull HU6 7RJ

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